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Connected Car Data Storage and Analytics Framework on a World Scale

The business value hidden in the connected car data is enormous. Mireo SpaceTime unveils that value at the speed of thought. And it does it right.

The vehicle telematics data is Big. 100.000 vehicles send about 10 billion GPS probes in a single year. Telematics companies learned the hard way that the traditional SQL or NoSQL, or even modern cloud database solutions do not provide even a close enough solution for storage, report creation, and analysis of the connected car data.

Mireo SpaceTime software framework gives you all the necessary components to store and analyze both real-time and historical data from hundreds or millions of connected vehicles, on commodity hardware, at a fraction of the price of aspiring mainstream solutions.

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The SpaceTime database stores trillions of records without performance degradation.

SpaceTime for Telematics System Providers

  • Delight your fleet customers with findings that generate measurable revenue or cost savings
  • Create benchmarks among industries and unveil new efficiencies to your customers
  • Fuse reports with map data to create rich, human-readable insights
SpaceTime Road Utilization
SpaceTime Vehicles On Map
  • Micro-target reports to fleet customers' needs or even allow them to create their own from the scratch
  • Visualize analysis on the map or using charts or tables, and provide full Fleet 360° view to your customers
  • Execute SQL queries through REST API and visualize results using any of your favorite tools
  • Provide city authorities a detailed view of intra-city traffic patterns by analyzing the behavior of your entire fleet
  • Empower out-of-home advertisers with the measure where and how people move anonymously and in aggregate
  • Create real-time or historical speed profiles, detect potholes, black spots, and much more with a single SQL command
SpaceTime Historical Speed Profile

SpaceTime Teltonika Telematics As one of the leading manufacturers of GPS tracking devices, Teltonika Telematics welcomes and supports cutting-edge solutions that keep the industry progressing. Developed by Mireo, our trusted partner and client for many years, SpaceTime offers remarkable possibilities in managing large datasets and providing insights. Telematics generates an enormous amount of information, and advanced analytics is a must to extract the maximum value of it. We do not doubt that this solution will be of great use for many market players, including telematics service providers.

Antanas Segzda, CEO, Teltonika Telematics

SpaceTime for
Automotive OEMs

  • Build customers' trust by securely open access to analytics on the data they share, directly from the SpaceTime data lake
  • Provide customers with advanced insights about the vehicle behavior as an incentive to increase service adoption
  • Boost customers' confidence through predictive maintenance and inventive, AI-backed, collaborative Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)
SpaceTime Path On Map
SpaceTime Stops Heatmap
  • Dramatically reduce services time-to-market by leveraging the SpaceTime data access simplicity and speed
  • Build innovative customer-centered services on location contexts directly embedded in the data
  • Create agile development workflows, make prototypes rapidly and scale services indefinitely
  • Harness the SpaceTime built-in discrete-to-continuous GPS probes transformation to geographically contextualize an unlimited number of data points (sensors)
  • Build AI models such as EV range prediction directly on SpaceTime, using the familiar SQL interface
  • Deploy SpaceTime as a fully managed storage and analytical backend on the infrastructure of your Cloud IoT provider
SpaceTime Fleet Utilization

SpaceTime AVL AVL implemented an advanced set of algorithms for assessing various parameters of autonomous drives. With the help of Mireo SpaceTime solution, those ratings have been visualized and complex analyses have been performed on the collected data. Thanks to the new insights provided by SpaceTime's analytics engine, AVL has improved its algorithms and has gained a much better understanding of the autonomous vehicles' driving characteristics.

Ante Gojšalić - Team Leader, AVL

SpaceTime for
Vehicle Data Hubs

  • Add SpaceTime to your cloud backend as a consumer to the existing data streaming pipeline
  • Leverage SpaceTime built-in row-level multitenancy to open simple, secure REST SQL API to your customers
  • Let your customers analyze the Big Vehicle Data and build AI models atop directly on your cloud, at unprecedented speed, on commodity hardware
SpaceTime SQL
SpaceTime Speeding On Road
  • Take advantage of SpaceTime analytical data domain transformation from vehicle probes (discrete, point-based snapshots) to continuous, road-segment attributed trajectories
  • Give your customers a set of powerful geospatial functions and integrated map-based analytics to get contextual insights into the vehicle behavior at any scale
  • Expand your customer base by demonstrating that driver scorecards, insurance risk models, or getting advertising insights is a matter of a single SQL command
  • Bridge the gap between raw, unstructured Big Vehicle Data and rapid service development by offering SpaceTime data transformation and geo-contextualization, along with the simplified data access
  • Eliminate the need for any data pre-aggregation thanks to the sheer speed of SpaceTime query execution
  • Allow customers to build vehicle-integrated payment services (like parking or tolling) reliably using 99.9% trajectory reconstruction accuracy and associated sensors' values interpolation
SpaceTime Average Mileage

SpaceTime Viasat Thanks to Mireo SpaceTime indexing and data extraction capabilities, getting useful insights from our telematics dataset was extremely simple, fast and easy. It opened up new ways of monetizing collected telematics data: by offering various tailor-made reports to outboard advertising agencies, large retailers, connected insurances, local authorities, Smart Cities and other interested entities.

Mario Bellotti - Business Development Manager IoT & Big Data, Vem Solutions/Viasat Group

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