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On-premises map location platform

Flat fee - consume an unlimited number of API requests

Compact Maps is a self-hosted and high-performant location platform designed to provide the professional-level Map API alternative at a reasonable cost.

Seamless integration - all Map APIs are compliant with numerous Map SDKs.


Top Security

  • Works on your premises
  • Behind your firewall
  • Ensured privacy and controlled distribution of data

High Performance

  • 3D WebGL-powered map rendering
  • Lightning-fast routing
  • Extremely accurate geocoding


  • Flat-rate pricing with unlimited APIs
  • Commodity hardware requirements, runs on VMs

Create stunning spatial map data visualizations

As maps are becoming more interactive and visually appealing, spatial data visualization is stepping up its game. Add value to your visualizations on maps.

Get the perfect maps for asset tracking

End the vicious cycle of juggling Map API costs, throttling API requests, and delivering quality services to your customers with self-hosted and scalable map servers.
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Build a custom GPS navigation

Let us help you in building your own full-featured, branded GPS navigation application with our professional-level map, search, and routing components!

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Trusted by Leading Companies

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Vector Tile API

The map tiles API delivers digital map data in vector format.

Utilize stunning WebGL features on your app! Add custom 3D visualizations and fluid animations, tilt and rotate maps for more interactivity.

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Geocoding API

Tolerant of spelling mistakes and stands out with a high-level precision and extreme speed.

Geocoder adapts automatically to country-specific address formats and local scripts (Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew).

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Routing API

100 times faster than other available solutions while running on commodity hardware.

Calculate car, truck routes, taxi routes, public transport, and pedestrian routes within milliseconds!

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The server technology is developed entirely in-house based on 20 years of experience in GPS navigation systems, battle-tested and proven in millions of cars, on small devices with minimal technical hardware infrastructure.

SDK of
your own choice

We recommend using the Mapbox SDK up to version 2.0 when using our API services. Or use other popular compatible SDK tools - OpenLayer and ESRI ArcGIS Pro. The choice is entirely up to you.


A single commodity server can handle up to 500.000.000 mixed tile/routing requests per month. The only hardware requirements for proper work of API services are 4-8 core processors and 16GB of RAM, either on physical or virtual machines.

Why Mireo is the right partner?

Founded in 2001, Mireo is a GPS navigation provider to the notable Tier-1 suppliers in the automotive industry and has so far provided over 20 Million GPS navigation installations.

This unique background helped us create Compact Maps - a unique professional-level, completely on-premises, and high-performant Location platform, 100% based on in-house technology and proprietary algorithms.


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Why do we call our self-hosted mapping solution Compact Maps?

Well, because it is... compact. The complete set of standard WEB map APIs - map tile retrieval, geocoding/reverse geocoding, and routing - is embedded into one single Linux executable. Map data is stored separately, but they are also highly optimized and compressed. That single executable is also a standalone HTTP server. Its size is about 12 MB, and it does not have external dependencies (except a few Linux standard shared libraries, of course).

A single Compact Maps executable can turn any Linux box into a full-blown WEB map API service provider. For the Europe map data, that's one executable with 47 map files, just under 10 GB in size.

How its made?

If you're interested in exploring how we did it, what's beneath the surface, and why Compact Maps is indeed a superior set of WEB map APIs, continue reading:

Put Compact Maps under a microscope

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