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Passion, focus, and determination

Mireo was founded in 2001 with a wish to create top-of-the-line GPS navigation solutions. Twenty years and over 20 Million navigation licenses later, Mireo today partners with major automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers.

Soon after its foundation, Mireo entered the telematics industry with an immediate impact and focused on product innovation. Today, Mireo's SpaceTime technology shifts the connected vehicle data analytics paradigm by allowing companies to monetize their vehicle sensor data.

We're customer-centric.

We want to help other businesses achieve their goals, improve and be more successful by leveraging our expertise in the technology we're focused on. And we're tremendously satisfied when our piece in customers' puzzle represents a breakthrough in their offering and success.

Let us give you new ideas and show you new ways to approach your business!

We love what we do.

If it's not difficult, it's not interesting. We're passionate software enthusiasts innately driven by the success of conquering new technologies and providing exceptional, utilitarian solutions to the market.

Everything we do, we do with passion, focus, and determination.

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